The Migrant Worker Task Force believes strongly in the need to respect all human life as equal. As part of this, we have commenced an initiative of holding vigils for migrant workers who have become victims of violence and have died in Lebanon to stress to the Lebanese public that NO MATTER a person’s national origin, gender, race, sex, or class their life must be protected, and we WILL come shame you if you think it’s okay to beat up, kill, torture, or push to suicide a migrant worker.

Besides holding vigils at the sight of abuse against migrant workers, we also undertake investigations into violence and monitor ongoing police investigations to ensure that the police hold those responsible accountable.

This project requires people to INFORM US of violence they are aware of, to help organize vigils/protests, to contact media, to draft press releases, and to join the protests!

"If you lay a hand on her, I'll throw you in prison" (Image Credit: Sawt al Niswa)