Language classes

One of the main initiatives of MWTF are the language classes.

Every Sunday, languages classes in Arabic, English and French are held from 12 to 2 pm at Zico House in Sanayeh, Beirut.

These classes are very informal and are not in your typical classroom setting. The volunteer teachers are not trained teachers but dedicated individuals who enjoy encouraging the students to improve their language skills through conversations, patience and their own creativity.

During each class we aim to pair of two to three students with a volunteer teacher to work on exercises. The first time a new student joins we ask them to do an assessment. From then on they will have their own student file which tracks their progress.

Language classes are shaped by the students and teachers together. The volunteer teachers can help make the vocabulary and grammar modules. We also hold regular workshops to learn and share teaching and training skills.

The language classes in AltCity are currently managed by Ramy Shukr. You can reach him at