Health Awareness

MWTF teams up with LeMSIC SCORA for peer education session on sexual and reproductive health (female and male anatomy, menstrual cycle and masturbation, hygiene, STIs and HIV/AIDS and protection).

We are also planning for a “Health Day” where migrants can have a regular
check up (General Physical exam, Blood pressure, Measurements, Glucose
test and HIV rapid test for those who want to). Hripsime from LAU is leading this initiative and she is also working on a  referral system with Doctors and free clinics which can serve as a great resources for migrants who often don’t have access to affordable health care in Lebanon.

One response to “Health Awareness

  1. I have very strong background in sexual health and health promotion . I have taken a handful of courses intricately related to both topics and many health awareness topics. i am also interested in advocating such awareness lectures to your students 🙂

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