Alternative Language Center

The Alternative Language Center is a Center in Beirut which offers opportunities for instruction in a number of languages commonly in use in Lebanon but not well-understood by many Lebanese people.

The languages taught include:

-Amharic (from Ethiopia),
-Tamil (from Sri Lanka),
-Tigrinya (from Eritrea), and
-Malagasy (from Madagascar).

These languages are spoken by nearly 200 million people worldwide, including around 400,000 in Lebanon (10% of the total population). However, these languages are still not widely spoken among Lebanese people, a fact the Center will attempt to address.

The Alternative Language Center offers private tutoring in each of these languages at competitive, negotiable rates with NATIVE SPEAKER tutors. In addition, we offer courses in cuisine of each of the countries mentioned above.

For placement with a private tutor please inform us and we will happily provide you more information about the classes, the languages, as well our tutors.

The tutors we employ are all migrant workers and the fees go straight to the tutors- we do not take any commission. Instead, we seek to improve the economic lot of workers through this project.


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