Upcoming Event: ‘Shouting Without A Listener’ – A Play Done By Migrant Workers in Lebanon

“Shouting without a listener” is a play written, directed and produced by Rahel Zegeye. It paints the struggles of Lily, a migrant domestic worker, against Lebanese society’s discrimination and the inefficiency of her embassy. 

Rahel Zegeye is an Ethiopian domestic worker in Lebanon, but that is not all she is: this is precisely her message in her previous film “Beirut”, and her current play “Shouting Without A Listener”, which delves into the personal lives of migrant workers in Lebanon. She presents migrant workers as individuals who encounter exploitation, but whose experiences reach beyond abuse – into love, moral challenges, and other life decisions. 

final poster1
Tickets sold at the entrance or by contacting Rahel Zegeye at: 70-874920.

Ticket price: 10,000 LL – All proceeds will go to improve healthcare for migrant workers in Lebanon via initiatives organized by Rahel Zegeye and the Migrant Workers Task Force.

Do you want to get a first-hand perspective on the lives of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon? Do you want to see a play written and produced by members of this community? Join and support these brave individuals on January 20th at 4PM in the theater of  Near East School of Theology (Hamra, on the connection between Jeanne d’Arc street and Souraty)

Written and produced by: Rahel Zegeye
Directed by: Rahel Zegeye and Ibrahim Diab
Rahel Zegeye
Samuel Tesfaye
Nardos Hayelu
Etaferahu Almo
Brihane Sate 
Selae Tesfa
Alsabet Gezaue
Hassan Dib
Yanita Gerogieva
Omar Harfouch
Ferdaous Naili

To see the Facebook event, click here.


A map of the location of the play (Near East School of Theology, Hamra)


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