Media Coverage of Community Day

Due to the huge success of Community Day, several news agencies covered the event, including Jadaliyya, The Daily Star, Now.mmedia, NaharnetBrofessional Review, and the AUB publication Outlook. The massive amount of coverage has made Community Day a buzz topic, and readers are still talking about Community Day and its huge success.

A look at the article about Community Day published in The Daily Star.

A look at the article about Community Day published in The Daily Star.

Each agency that covered Community Day focused on a different aspect of the event. For example, the title of Jadaliyya’s article “Visualizing Human Rights for Migrant workers in Lebanon” clearly shows focus on human rights concerning migrant workers and how their basic rights are denied, such as freedom of movement and the right to marry and found a family. The article illustrates the issues migrant workers face and delves into the underlying roots of the problem. It describes how the system of sponsorship (Kafala) is depriving workers from their own basic rights, which are all under the control of their sponsors. Some migrant workers have their passport taken from them by their sponsors, and cannot leave the country unless their sponsors allow them to. All the infographics that were displayed at Community Day are shown on  Jadaliyya’s website.

The Daily Star focuses on the exhibition “Lens on Life”, which is a result of a series of workshops that took place at Altcity. This article described the exhibition “Lens on Life” in detail and gave some examples of the photos which were taken by migrant workers who attended the workshop.

Both Naharnet and Now.mmedia gave a summary about the two exhibitions that were on display at Community Day, “Lens on Life” and “Visualizing Human Rights for Migrant Workers in Lebanon”.

So far, all the mentioned News Agencies aside from The Daily Star, which had their article both online and in print,  have made the articles about Community Day available via the internet on their websites. AUB Outlook, however, is a print publication. The article was written by student journalists at AUB who covered the event.

MWTF is extremely excited about all the attention that Community Day got and very proud of everyone who helped out.  We hope that future events are just as successful, however, our main focus is to continue to protect and defend all the rights of migrant workers in Lebanon.

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