Success of Community Day

Students pose with their instructors for a photo at Community Day

Students pose with their instructors for a photo at Community Day

Today MWTF hosted Community Day with AltCity. Community Day was organized to wrap up the Sunday classes we give to workers and to display two exhibitions, one of which is the “Lens on Life” exhibition of student’s photo stories that they worked on during workshops for six consecutive weeks with Ann Megalla. The date of the event was cleverly set to coincide with the end of International Human Rights Week, too.  All of the photography students came and brought along friends and family to show off their hard work in the exhibition.

Many people from different backgrounds came together to celebrate and have a good time. A lot brought dishes from their respective countries; lunch was delicious! After lunch, each student was presented with a certificate of completion for participating in all the workshops. Then the music was turned up higher and AltCity was transformed into a dance floor! Everyone was getting down and showing off their dance moves — what a show!

Community Day had a great turnout. Tons of people showed up and the atmosphere was full of happiness and love. People from Lebanon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Cameroon, America, Syria, and other countries and shared experiences and traditions, whether it be through food they brought or their dance moves or commenting on the finished products of the photography workshops. The students felt very proud of themselves and accomplished, and everyone had a good time.

To see more photos of Community Day, click here.

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