Wrapping up Photography Workshops with Ann Megalla at AltCity

Students form into smaller groups and begin coming up with captions for their photos.

Students form into smaller groups and begin coming up with captions for their photos.

The last two weeks of the photography workshops at AltCity were the most interesting ones; by the end of the photography classes students had taken several very beautiful, meaningful photos that reflect their lives. Each student began to evaluate which photos better represented the story they wanted to ell and which photos would have to be discarded. During the second to last workshop, students chose all the photos that would be displayed in the exhibition “Lens on Life”.

During the last photography workshop, the students spent their time writing captions to go along with their photos and more clearly tell their story. They came up with a short sentence for each photo that described the photo and the meaning behind it. The activity encouraged them to talk more about their lives and share their experiences with other people.

After the captions were written, they were translated from English to either French or Arabic and organized into a sequence in order to be printed.

All of the students, trainers and MWTF and AltCity members have been working hard for the last several weeks to prepare for Community Day and the “Lens on Life” exhibition. The students are very excited about the upcoming exhibition because it allows them to show off their work and the skills they have learned to their friends and others within their community.

Each student produced a set of captioned photos that reflect several aspects of their lives. Some photos reflect their culture and traditions, while others reflect their hopes and dreams. Every photo from this workshop has a unique and different story behind it.

The past six weeks have been full of a lot of hard work, but they have also been full of fun. The students definitely learned a lot through the workshops, but they weren’t the only ones. The trainers have gained just as much from the students, too. Community Day will be the final event that concludes the MWTF classes for the year of 2012 and brings the Beirut community together for a celebratory purpose.

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