Photography Workshops with Ann Megalla at AltCity

DSC_0109MWTF is teaming up with Multimedia Producer Ann Megalla to introduce migrant workers to a series of photography workshops at AltCity. The workshops aim to teach students how to tell a story through meaningful photographs, building their photography skills and technique. The sessions take place once a week for two hours on Sundays consecutively for six weeks.

The first session was an introductory session, explaining what the workshops would cover and beginning to talk about different elements that make a good photograph and what factors to keep in mind while taking a photo. Less than ten students showed up to the first session, but they were excited to learn the skills Megalla had to offer. By the end of the first workshop, it looked like everyone was motivated and eager to begin the six week process. Their homework was to begin taking photos throughout the week and bring them to the second workshop.
We noticed the English and computer students approach their photography friends after and ask what they were doing in the workshop. We were surprised to see many new faces come the second workshop; students enjoyed the first session so much that they invited their friends to join them!

This was excellent news, indicating the success of the first session regarding student interest and engagement. It also meant that there would be more work being produced from the workshops. The final products of each student are going to be displayed in an exhibition titled “Lens on Life” at the December 16th event Community Day at AltCity, organized in collaboration with MWTF.


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