Migrant Community Center Fundraising Call

The Migrant Community Center is putting out an urgent Fundraising Call, if anyone is willing/able to contribute, contact Priya at  76 740871 or  01 565442 or by email at antiracismlb@gmail.com. See Details Below.


Fundraising Call: Urgent Surgery for Swarna

Swarna is a 50-55 years old woman from Sri Lanka who has been working as a domestic worker in Lebanon for around 10 years.
Last week, Suryana was admitted to the Emergency department of Machreq hospital after she suferred from a heart stroke. On August 1st, 2012, Suryana had a coronary balloon angioplasty (percutaneous coronary intervention, or PCI). While the insurance company covered the cost of operation and her stay in hospital, still there is a need to cover $1,200 which is the cost the Cardiac Catheterization tes and the devices used (balloons, stents, and atherectomy) devices ($500+ $700 respectively).
According to her doctor, she immediately needed that operation in order to avoid another heart stroke which could be fatal. Swarna has managed to borrow that amount to pay the hospital otherwise she would not have been able to undergo the operation today and hence, her life would have been at high risk. However, like most domestic workers, she cannot afford that debt and any contribution would contribute to relieve her pain …
This is a call to fundraise $1,200 in order to help Swarna not to undergo financial burden that she cannot afford, especially with her current urgent medical situation.
In solidarity with the domestic workers in Lebanon, the Migrant Community Center is launching a call for donation to raise the amount needed. Any contribution can and will make a difference and bring a smile and deep happiness to Swarna, who needs people to stand beside her today, more than any other day now.
To donate, please call Priya at 76 740871 or  01 565442 or by email at antiracismlb@gmail.com. Upon donation you will be issued a receipt confirming that. Also, Swarna will issue a receipt of the donation given to her supported by the hospital invoices. These will be published for transperancy.
Thanking you in advance.

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