A Taste of Ethiopia at Tawlet 1 August

Taste of Ethiopia born out of Sarah Farahat’s year-long residency at Tawlet restaurant, takes place on August 1st. A delicious Ethiopian lunch prepared by chef and activist Rahel Zegeye, is the first in a series of meals organized by the artist highlighting the cuisine of women workers in Lebanon in collaboration with the Migrant Workers’ Task Force and Tawlet Restaurant. Call Tawlet for reservations. For those observing Ramadan, take-away orders are available.

Rahel Zegeye born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, brings her extensive expertise in traditional Ethiopian cuisine to Tawlet on August 1st in collaboration with Tawlet’s resident artist Sarah Farahat. Zegeye came to Lebanon over 10 years ago as a domestic worker in order help support her parents. In addition to her day job she started catering her delicious dishes to daring Lebanese clientele. Her favorite dish (featured in Tawlet’s menu this week) is Doro Wat, an exquisite blend of spicy red pepper sauce, chicken, hard boiled eggs served over traditional Injera bread. Zegeye is active with the Migrant Workers’ Task Force in the struggle for fairer working conditions, ending the sponsorship system and support for domestic workers in hospitals or prisons. She avidly pursues theatrical work, currently directing a film with AUB students about the Lebanese migrant worker system.

How to find Tawlet? Follow Naher street in Mar Mikael past EDL until Anthurium flower shop, turn left into the dead end street and you will see Tawlet restaurant.

For more information visit: http://www.facebook.com/events/452969301391436/
or call Tawlet at 0144 8129.

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