Justice for Alem [VIDEO]

We recorded this video on the Sunday class following Alem Dechasa’s death in Beirut. The class that day was dedicated to discussing Alem, and the thoughts, feelings and reactions our students felt towards her treatment and ultimately death. Read all about the class and discussions in this previous post.

Following the discussions and messages written by our students we also edited and finalized this video. It took some time to finalize the editing but finally it’s here, better late than never.

Below is a translation of the written Arabic messages:

“I suffer from racial discrimination. To whom should I complain? I want to live in Dignity.”

“Migrant workers and housekeepers suffer and die in Lebanon”

“No to the killing of migrant domestic workers, stop the torture.”

“The migrant workers, don’t kill us.”

“Where is the minister of human affairs?”

“Don’t kill us, we are workers, we want to live in dignity . See us as humans, like you.”

“To the Ethiopian embassy: If you do not want to protect us, resign your jobs, we’ve had enough with torture.”

“No to slavery”

“Justice for Alem”

Translation of the Amharic messages will be added soon.

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