Souk el Tayeb

Migrant workers celebrated this year’s Labor Day in collaboration with Souk el Tayeb in Beirut Souks to promote their rights on Saturday 28th of April. The event was sponsored by ILO.

For the third year in a row, a collective group of volunteers, students and migrants joined to host “Migrant Workers’ Day” event which allows migrant workers of different backgrounds to express and exchange their cultures by introducing their cuisines, dances and crafts.

This year MWTF introduced the ‘Community Chefs’, the amazing chefs who prepared the meal on sale from Ethiopia, Nepal, Ivory Coast, the Philippines and Sudan. Being a ‘Community Chef’ empowers migrant workers to an alternative income generation through teaching how to cook their cuisines to catering for dinners and events.

Would you be interested in learning to cook or need catering for an event?
Email us at!


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