Workshop: “Collaging our Life Stories” This Sunday

Come to a workshop with Secil Yaylali, a Turkish artist now residing in Beirut, who would like to create a big photo collage with migrant workers this Sunday from 2-5 PM at Zico House, Spears St, Sanayeh.

All you need to do is bring photos from your families and your country, or places you admire (from newpapers, magazines). Secil also has some material that she has been collecting. Some old photos from Istanbul, Torino, Berlin and Beirut (the locations she’s been living). We will combine all these images in one image.

Secil will help you make black-white copies of your photos in big size like A3 (there will not be any harm to your photos) and we’ll work on a collage together on a big sheet. Then we’ll transfer it on a big cloth of curtain. It is also a nice process to transfer it on the sheet, you can not see the whole details of the images.

Together we will create a piece that loosens the notion of time and location. Like in a time tunnel between reality and fiction. During the process we can also build stories.

For more info call Secil at 76398288.


Some links to her work:


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