Wanna volunteer directly with Migrant Workers in Lebanon? Orientation this Wednesday!

Migrant Workers Task Force (MWTF) is a community of individuals, Lebanese and foreign, based out of Beirut that have committed themselves to doing grassroots work with migrant workers and on the issues of migrant workers to address the very real challenges they face as a group in Lebanese society. Now you have the chance to join us!

New member orientation this Wednesday 11 Jan 2012 at AltCity at 18:30!

Since February 2011, our volunteers have been teaching weekly language and computer classes at Zico House to migrant workers from Ethiopia, Sudan, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Nepal. We are currently expanding our initiative and will launch new classes in October. For this we are in need to recruit a great team of volunteers dedicated to teaching English and/or Computer, train on media/journalism skills and volunteers interested in facilitating conversation and activities in English, Arabic and French.

We are looking for:

Min. 4 English Teachers for weekly curriculum-based English classes at Migrant House (Nabaa)
Min. 4 Computer Teachers for weekly curriculum-based Computer classes at Zico House (Sanayeh)
Min. 5-6 Facilitators for weekly informal conversation/activity groups at Zico House (Sanayeh)
2 Trainers for media/journalism training (Location TBD)

Past teaching experience is not a requirement, but would be a plus. More importantly, volunteers must be passionate about teaching, learning and exchanging skills. Volunteers need to be committed and responsible. We would like a commitment of at least 3-6 months. A demonstrated interest in issues concerning migrant workers and migrant rights is desirable.

Interested? Register for our volunteer orientation meeting at 18:30 on Wednesday 11 Jan 2012 at AltCity.

AltCity is located on Hamra Street on 2nd Floor of Carre Casino Building, across from Estral Bldg (where Kababji is)

Location map here: http://www.altcity.me/section/altcitybasics/

***PLEASE REGISTER HERE: https://mwtaskforce.wordpress.com/join/

For more information visit https://mwtaskforce.wordpress.com/ or email mwtaskforce@gmail.com.

Facebook event is here: http://www.facebook.com/events/341236972570351

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