Yay it’s time to celebrate one year of volunteering!

We have all been working very hard since the beginning of the year when free language classes started off at T-marbouta, which was later moved to Zico House, for migrant workers of all backgrounds in Beirut. Since then we’ve had over 200 students registering and 50 volunteers come and go, we’ve weathered hot sunny summer days and post-storm chills.

In the first post of this blog, we wrote that “The task force aims to improve opportunities for migrant workers in Lebanon through connecting people, exchanging skills and creating an impact on society”. We still hold true to this statement, and our exchanges have gone further to computer, cuisines, journalism, film, and hopefully also expanding into photography and dance in the near future.

Our work as attracted lots of media attention so much that we have been invited by Integration: building inclusive societies (IBIS) to attend the UNAOC’s Doha Forum this weekend! IBIS in fact reinforces efforts worldwide to harmonize the coexistence between migrants and host communities and to improve social cohesion beyond cultural differences. Which is exactly what we are trying to achieve, but without money or funding, with only dedication, time, effort and skills from volunteers and support from local actors hosting our activities.

Nothing is impossible, that’s the spirit we’ll be celebrating Sun 18 Dec!

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