MWTF featured in Al Jazeera!

MWTF has been featured in Al Jazeera as part of a larger article entitled “Invisible Victims in Lebanon,” which tackles the issue of migrant worker rights in the country as whole.

“It seemed like this massive elephant in the room, in the sense that we have this large group of people who are systematically denied their legal human and workers’ rights as well as systematically abused by a wide cross section of members of Lebanese society, and yet no one seems to be talking about it,” he explains.

The mission of the organisation, still in its nascent phase, is a “direct and individual” approach to the endemic mistreatment of migrants workers in Lebanon. But, MWTF is only able to help those workers who are permitted to step out of the houses to which they are assigned. The unfortunate reality is that 85 per cent of MDWs do not get a single day off and hence become invisible victims.

In Alex’s experience even well educated, liberal people he knew, thought that “the Geneva Convention stopped at their front door and that locking up a woman in their house for two years was a normal or justifiable act,”

Full article is available here.

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