MWTF featured in Migrant-Rights!

MWTF featured in an interview with Alex Shams. Some excerpts:

“What are the toughest challenges you face with your campaign and advocacy work?

The biggest issue we face in our advocacy is ignorance about the rights of migrant workers. Many people seem to consider these workers less than human in some way and do not understand that as workers they are entitled to the same rights that a Lebanese worker expects to receive. Even very educated people often do not recognize locking a worker in the house as imprisonment or having her work 7 days a week as slavery, and so often people do not understand why we seek to work with migrant workers.

We are the first volunteer collective in Lebanon focused on this issue, and so our very work raises awareness to the moral crisis Lebanon faces because of its horrific treatment of migrant workers. There are some excellent organizations working on improving the legal situation of migrant domestic workers; as volunteers, however, we are continuing to struggle to enact grassroots change in people’s mentalities while we work with migrant workers to develop the skills needed to defend their rights. Through fundraising and cultural events as well as through video awareness campaigns

Is this project currently funded or do you rely primarily on donations? Do you have any regional or international partners?

We are volunteers and we have absolutely no funding. All money we raise goes directly to the causes we serve; whether this be financially supporting human rights workers from within the migrant communities or making copies of lessons for students in our language classes.

I encourage everyone in whatever country they may be to start similar volunteer collectives. A group of us with little experience began this project of our own volition and based on our own passions and with no money, so I hope people elsewhere will follow this example and skill sharing between migrant workers and people across the region will grow!”

Full interview can be found here.


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