A Splash of Expression

It’s no news that migrant workers in Lebanon, specifically domestic workers, don’t enjoy their stay in Lebanon, due to many factors, but primarily the heavy load of work and abuse they sometimes (if not unfortunately often) get stuck with. The language classes at the MWTF aims to break down these language barriers and diffuse any potential stresses between the workers and their caretakers, however, in my opinion, a migrant worker who is fluent in three languages can still be very sad and still will not make the best out of their stay, thus, I started playing with idea of introducing art to the classes. Art, in any form, can be a vehicle to express and lessen sadness and/or stress, it can also be a way to let the time fly by, and has been shown to have therapeutic effects. There is a piano on the second floor of Zico house, in case a music class could be coordinated, however, I thought drawing classes would be the best idea; something enjoyable and artistic for the workers, which would not annoy their caretakers. Any suggestions/comments?



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