Madame and Mister Training Academy

The Lebanese Madame/Mister Training Academy is pleased to invite you to sign up for our first session of classes! The Lebanese Madame/Mister Training Academy seeks to teach Madames and Misters how to treat a domestic worker who comes to live in their home with respect and dignity. It is the first course of its kind in Lebanon.

Unlike other courses which exist seek to fix the problem of miscommunication by teaching foreign domestic workers how to cook and clean ‘correctly’, we recognize that no amount of training maids will make up for the violence and abuse they often experience in Lebanese households.

Consider this:

80% of maids in Lebanon cannot leave their house on their day off, which means they are locked in a house for years.

34% are not even given one day off a week, meaning they have to work every single day of the week for years.

65% of maids report “experiencing a situation of forced labor, servitude or slavery”

Between 7-11% experience sexual harassment or assault during their work stay here in Lebanon.***

These statistics suggest that it is not just maids not cooking or cleaning ‘properly’ that causes miscommunication, but widespread human rights abuses in Lebanese society that might make domestic workers unhappy, want to run away, or commit suicide. The conditions outlined above reveal a very low quality of work and life, and we are committed to changing that!

If you engage in any of the behaviors mentioned above please consider signing up for our course, as we offer a great, tailor-made curriculum that discusses international human conventions (and how these behaviors directly contravene them) and also how these behaviors are violations of basic notions of human dignity and respect. In addition, we have special seminars on topics such as “How to talk to another human being with respect,” and ” ‘Is this torture?’: how to know when you’re overworking someone to the point of physical and mental exhaustion.”

The first classes start September 4th and we expect spots to fill up quickly, so sign up soon!

First three classes are $10, all classes after that only $5!


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