Hibr / MWTF Joint Internship Posting is up!

In collaboration with Hibr we are looking for a social media intern! The goal of the internship will be:

To utilize Hibr’s social media and print outreach to develop the visibility and effectiveness of MWTF’s work, specifically through covering migrant rights activism as well as addressing migrant rights issues. Hand in hand with this objective is bringing Hibr to a new audience of young migrant workers in Lebanon and developing Hibr’s writer base to include member of the migrant community.

While participating in the daily activities of Hibr, the intern will gain citizen journalism and social media skills. Simultaneously, he/she will act as a social media coordinator for MWTF, coordinating articles and event coverage for MWTF, particularly through Hibr.


The intern will:
– keep the Hibr community informed of any events occurring related to the migrant worker community, including those organized by MWTF.
– cover as many of these events/issues as possible for Hibr and/or recruit other Hibr reporters to do so.
– actively work to gain social media and citizen journalism skills with the goal of passing on these skills to MWTF students in a workshop (if possible).
– show willingness to learn about and participate in all aspects of Hibr’s work.

The intern will:
– write articles about migrant worker issues or activities, and/or coordinate the production of such articles by MWTF students/members of the migrant worker community, for publication on Hibr (website or print) and republication on other outlets.
– use Hibr articles in MWTF classes as a teaching aid for English.
– coordinate workshops for migrant workers through the classes on topics such as journalism, social media, etc.
– develop MWTF’s communications strategy through increased social media integration.
Applicants should send to work@hibr.me (please put Hibr/MWTF Internship in subject line):
– an updated CV, including all contact information and details of any social media accounts.
– a covering email or letter explaining why you would like to do this internship and detailing your preferred dates/time.

More info and the full posting is available here.


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