Task Force is Seeking a Comms Coordinator

Migrant Worker Task Force is seeking an highly motivated individual to work as a Comms Coordinator, overseeing our Communications and Social Media networking in coordination with our ongoing activities. We are seeking a dedicated, passionate individual who likes to take initiative and follow up on implementation.

Responsibilities will include:
– Maintaining MWTF’s social media presence- regularly updating website, email, staying in contact with partner organizations, advertising events online through various social media fora, and writing weekly newsletter

– Developing MWTF’s volunteer network and handling new member orientations, as well as coordinating new member-led projects

– Outreaching and developing our ties with other organizations working on migrant worker rights issues in the Lebanese and regional context, as well as managing our current collaborative projects

– Coordinating between our education coordinators and other initiative coordinators to ensure that our projects develop in sync

Candidate should have an interest and basic knowledge and background on the situation of migrant workers as well as social justice issues in general in Lebanon and the Middle East and preferably, has a background in activist projects. Ideally, is fluent in English and fluency in Arabic is a strong plus. S/he should expect to spend 6-8 hours a week working and location is flexible; however an office is available at the Nasawiya House in Achrafieh. As the candidate will be working with a team of volunteers in Beirut and abroad, team working and coordination skills are required. Internship will last at least 2 months but ideally the comms coordinator will join coordination team long-term.

Deadline for application for 14 July. Please send CV and motivation letter to mwtaskforce.lb@gmail.com.

Please note that MWTF is a volunteer-led organisation and this role is unpaid.


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