Welcome to Lebanon, Migrant Workers!

Last night was the release party of our three short videos entitled “Welcome to Lebanon,” at Saifi Urban Gardens and today we are presenting you with the complete versions online!

“Welcome to Lebanon”  was inspired by a Ministry of Tourism campaign from some months ago which sought to lure tourists to the country through a number of clips that emphasized the country’s touristic highlights, like Lebanese cuisine and having sex with Lebanese women (for more on that misogynistic and demeaning commercial, check this article out).

We decided, in light of the Ministry’s attempts to show what Lebanon has to offer foreign visitors, to re-examine them from the perspective of the estimated 1.2 foreign migrant workers, and in particular the nearly 400,000 foreign domestic workers.

Lebanon is a shopping paradise! But how does it feel to be here if, like 34% of migrant workers, you don’t receive a regular day off?

Lebanon is renown for it’s beach clubs and summer party life! But how does it feel when 56% of beach clubs limit access for migrant workers?

Lebanon is a place where people from all over the world come and discuss, a place where East and West meet and mix and global communication takes place. But how’s meeting the world going if, like 80% of domestic workers, you’re not allowed to leave the house?


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