“Welcome to Lebanon” Film Launch Party Friday 24 June!

The Migrant Workers Task Force Presents: “Welcome to Lebanon” Video Launch Party, FRIDAY 24 June at Saifi Institute in Gemmayze!

JOIN US to celebrate the launch of our newest satirical video campaign, “Welcome to Lebanon,” by Jowe Harfouche, the video the Ministry of Tourism SHOULD be showing to migrant workers who come to Lebanon. The campaign consists of 3 sections that each takes a look at tourist attractions-shopping, beaches …, social gatherings,… etc- but as experienced through the eyes of migrant workers.

Ethiopian Food will be served!

There will be:
-Video Premiere
-Ethiopian Food (injera, wat, & curries)
-Ethiopian and Sri Lankan Music Dance Party!
-Cheap Drinks

Doors open at 8 pm **********

All included with the entrance of $10!*

Video Details:
Director: Jowe Harfouche
D.O.P: Mark Khalife
Production Manager: Nagham Michel Abboud
Assistant Director: Selim Mourad
Assistant Camera: Ghinwa Daher
Colorist: Belal Hibri
Graphics: Wael Seaiby
Actresses: Rahel Abebe, Priya Subedi, Michelle Cafarelle, Lioba Hirsch, Janie Shen, Rehanna Farah, Thalia Rahme
* More info about event here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137119013031393


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