Maids for Sale: Film Screening and Discussion Round at AUB

Labour Day is coming up and we will all be busy participating in marches, blogging, tweeting. That’s why we didn’t squeeze everything in one day, but we’ll have a full week of events.

On Tuesday May 3rd you are all invited to the screening of Maids for Sale, a film by Lebanese film maker Dima Al-Joundi.  The film tells the story of three Sri Lankan housemaids arriving or departing from Lebanon. It explains the reasons for their coming to Lebanon, their preparations back home and their situation and problems in the Lebanese society.

After the film screening, Dima al-Joundi supported by, migrant workers, lawyers and activists will be there to answer all your questions on the film and the topic.

The event will take place at AUB, West Hall, Auditorium B (second floor to the right) at 7 pm on Tuesday, May 3rd!

Unesco Club AUB will provide you with a little snack!

We hope to see you there!

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