Momos, Tarab, & Bollywood- a Nepalese New Year at T-Marbouta!

Photo by noorjahanr via Flickr

We’d like to thank all of you for making our Nepalese New Year Fundraiser at T-Marbouta (and our first ever fundraising event as a Task Force) a fantastic success. We were able to raise over US$1200 in the course of the night, an amazing accomplishment and a great boon to the work of the Nepalese Non-Resident Association in Lebanon.

Photo by noorjahanr via Flickr

The night began with the introduction of a buffet of Nepalese food, including beef momos (a type of spring roll), a spicy salsa, a potato and pea salad, and a thing friend Nepalese bread. After this began the performance of Lebanese Tarab, which was followed by a Nepalese dance and a few songs on guitar. And then… the a Nepalese music dance party!!!!!

One of the songs can be found here:

As Priya Subedi, an active volunteer with the Association explained, the Association will use the money for a number of causes, including:

support to children of those migrant workers who have been killed or died while working in Lebanon

paying for airplane tickets to help those migrant workers suffering abuse at the hands of employers return home (who would otherwise be sent to jail if they cannot find a way out of Lebanon)

helping to buy food and clothing for those women who suffer abuse and have their belongings stolen from them by their employers before they plan to return to home, an unfortunately common occurrence.

We are planning to organize many more such fundraisers in the future and for different communities. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please let us know, as we need all the help we can get!

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