Nepalese slaves in the Middle East

NEW VIDEO: Pete Pattison investigates the trafficking of people escaping poverty and conflict in Nepal. Unscrupulous agents take huge sums of money from them for work abroad then consign them to slavery and appalling conditions in the Middle East. Many are abused by their employers and some are killed at the hands of agents.

Short-version (The Guardian)

‘Cost of Living’ – full version

Anti-Slavery International and ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) launched a campaign to highlight the forced labour of Nepali migrant workers to the Gulf States and to call for an improvement in the fundamental rights of workers across the region.

An estimated six million Nepali workers live abroad. Every day, 600 migrants leave Nepal legally, with as many again estimated to migrate illegally. Around 700,000 Nepali migrants work in the Gulf States, with 125,000 in UAE, where at least 45 per cent work in the construction sector. Many also work in hospitality, as security guards and as domestic workers.

Tomorrow MWTF will be organizing a fundraising party for the Nepalese New Year together with the Nepalese community and the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA). Join us to show your support the Nepalese workers in Lebanon and the Middle East.


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