MWTF Newsletter [Week of April 14]

Hey all,

In order to facilitate communication, we’re going to start releasing a MWTF Newsletter every Thursday to keep all of our members (~60 so far!) in the loop of our activities and able to TAKE ACTION through ongoing campaigns. Ahlen w sahlen…


First off, this SATURDAY we are throwing a fundraising party for the Nepalese Non-Resident Association (the organization Priya and Dependra work with) in honor of Nepalese New Year. It will be at T-Marbouta at 8 PM, and there will be Nepalese food, Nepalese music and musicians, and Tarab for 10$.
Facebook event is here:
Invite your friends!!

Second, Language Classes are this Sunday again at Zico House from 12-2. Please join us then!
Contact: Janie,

we are creating a website with like 20+ interviews with migrant workers asking them what their experience has been in Lebanon and what they hope will change in this country as workers. The inspiration is the original video of the Sri Lankan woman talking about how her daughter came to Lebanon:
We will be going NEXT SUNDAY to Dawra to conduct interviews. Please join us then after language classes if you are able to- we need volunteers to walk around and take the videos!!
Contact: Alex,


First, Lioba is coordinating a screening of “Maids for Sale,” a documentary about domestic migrant workers in Lebanon at AUB for early May, along with a talk by the director. In addition, she will be coordinating an Anti-Racism Poster Campaign which will have images of migrant workers and what appear to be racist stereotypes written on them but are, at second glance, actually misleading and smaller text which challenges these stereotypes. Masalan, big text: “He doesn’t do anything…” small text: “without passion. A political science graduate from Sudan, Khaled loves to… etc.” If you are interested in helping DESIGN poster, to actually glue posters (it’s super fun, especially when you bring a wine bottle), helping photograph, etc- please contact Lioba!

Second, we are planning to make an Alternative Lebanon Tourism Video- visiting Lebanon from the perspective of a migrant worker. The idea is basically to showcase all of Lebanon’s tourist wonders but from the perspective that Lebanon’s 1 million migrant workers get- drunk partiers vomiting in discotheque toilets while a foreign worker tries to clean up, family having dinner downtown while worker has to stand up and clean the kids’ faces, worker walking behind the madame carrying all her shit as the family walks on raouche… you get the idea. We are looking for locations to film these scenes. If anyone is interested, please start taking pictures and send in your thoughts!
Contact: Alex,

Third, if you have any Labor Day Activity ideas please let us know as we are gearing up for our campaigns for Labor Day!

And as always, please check out the website for updates and information:


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