Help out with the Nepalese New Year Fundraising Party!

We are very excited to present to you our first-ever fundraising party!

The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) is arranging this Sunday (17th) a big celebration for Nepalese New Year. They have been in touch with many agencies that have in turn contacted employers of Nepali domestic workers to allow them a day off to join the celebration. For many it will be the first and unique chance to meet their community. The NRNA is planning to have brochures and contact information ready for them to take away (regarding rights of workers etc) which will help their stay in Lebanon immensely!

Our fundraising party will take place 8pm, this SATURDAY, 16 April at T-marbouta. Priya is our contact from the Nepalese community who will arrange for Nepalese food to be served (momos + traditional spicy potato salad) and Nepalese music (guitar+singer) and traditional dancing. We will charge $10 at the door and take donations during the evening.

We aim to get at least 100 guests! There’s only 6 days left and we have a lot to do! Please contact  Janie if your are happy to help out with the following tasks:

– Stand by door and take entrance fee (if we are a few, it will be rotational)
– Assist at the food table and serving (also rotational)
– Purchase plastic plates, cutlery and napkins
– Print and put up posters
– Responsible of playing music/DJ
– MC-ing, introducing the singers/dancers and talk about the fundraiser
– Collecting rounds of donations

If you can’t assist please make sure to BE THERE and BRING FRIENDS and SPREAD THE WORD!!

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