Nepalese New Year & Fundraising Party

Nepalese New Year and Fundraising Party, this SATURDAY 16 April at T-Marbouta in Hamra!

JOIN US to celebrate the New Year with Nepalese food, dancing and Lebanese Tarab and support* the ~15,000-strong Nepalese community living in Lebanon.

There will be:
– Nepalese Dinner (momos/nepalese dumplings, noodles, & salad)
– Lebanese Tarab (presented by the maestro Ali J & ensemble)
– Nepalese New Years Dance & Live Music performance (presented by NRNA)
– Nepalese Music Dance Party!

All included with the entrance of $10!

In addition, there will be origami crafts for sale made by Filipina migrant workers currently being held unjustly in Lebanese prisons. All proceeds go directly back to them.

Directions: T-marbouta, 1st Floor, Pavillion Centre, Ibrahim Abed Aal Str, Hamra. If on Hamra street turn off at Miramonti.

**Doors open at 8 pm **

* More info on the Nepalese Community:
All proceeds from the fundraising party will go to the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) in Lebanon. The NRNA works to defend human rights and support the ~15,000 strong Nepalese community in Lebanon through community-building, support for abused workers, prison visits and delivery of food to Nepalese workers wrongly put behind bars, and production of a monthly newspaper, Solidarity, to keep the many Nepalese workers in Lebanon in touch.
They are organizing the largest ever Nepalese New Year celebration on April 17 and expect over one thousand Nepalese are expected to attend the celebration. For many Nepalese domestic workers this will be the first and unique chance for a day off to join the festivities and meet their community, as the NRNA has networked with agencies and employers to ensure many workers are given this Sunday off (unfortunately, 80% of migrant workers in Lebanon are NEVER allowed to leave the house, even if they get a day off, which less than half are even allowed).


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